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Good Monsters:
Monsters for Literacy

We are so excited to announce our new design, Rainbow Ice Monster, launching in partnership with Wake County Smart Start. 100% of proceeds from Rainbow Ice Monster go to WCSS.  Buy yours on Amazon now! Many colors available.


Rainbow Ice Monster is available now in both dark and light colors.

100% of proceeds go to Wake County Smart Start.

Lava Monster (T-Shirt).png

Lava Monster

Lava Monster is the first design from Good Monsters. Click the picture to read more, and to see all the available t-shirt styles and colors.

The Bald Rainbow Monster1.jpg

Bald Rainbow Monster

Our second design. Sales of Bald Rainbow Monster benefit BookMates, a NJ-based organization that ensures kindergarteners can read bedtime stories.

Who We Are

Creating new good monsters

This is Benjamin. He’s 9 years old, and in 4th grade. He likes to draw, and he loves to read. He also wants to inspire other kids to love reading, and he realized that his drawings could help. Benjamin started to create monsters, each with a story behind it. He told us that he wanted his monsters — and their stories — to help other kids to get better at reading.

His idea was to sell t-shirts with these monsters on them and donate money from the sales of the shirts to childhood literacy organizations. We created a company called Good Monsters to do this. We donate a portion of the revenue from the sale of each shirt to support childhood literacy programs. 

Benjamin has a universe of Good Monsters waiting to be brought to life as shirts — and also, as stories. As Good Monsters grows, and we’re able to fund additional initiatives that support childhood literacy, we’ll use the monsters as the foundation of a larger program that, through storytelling, can inspire children not only to read, but also to create their own stories. For now, we’re just getting started, and we’d be thrilled if you came along on the journey with us. 

The next shirt we’re releasing — our third, following Lava Monster and Bald Rainbow Monster — is Rainbow Ice Monster, in partnership with Wake County Smart Start. 

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